Buy Condominiums In Pattaya

Many foreigners like to invest in Pattaya real estate properties. First of all, if you are a foreigner, investing in the Pattaya property will be profitable. This is because the value of your money is bigger compare to the value of the money in Pattaya. You will get to buy bigger houses with the same amount of money than if you were to buy a property in your home country. With the same amount of money, you can buy a luxurious property in Thailand. However, if you were to invest the same amount of money in a property in your home country, you probably can only buy a small house.

The second benefit for buying real estate property in Pattaya is that you will profit from the increased value. The values of the real estate properties have increased significantly over the past years. Even during the economy recession, the values of the real estate properties have increased.

The third benefit is that it will yield high rental income. If you purchase the right rental property, you can rent it out at a high rental rate. You should buy the property in a holiday destination if you want to rent it out to tenants. Over time, you can increase the rental rate. It is estimated that the rental yield is about 6 – 10% of the property price per year,

The fourth benefit is that your equity will build up when you pay your mortgage. If you are renting out the real estate property, the tenant will pay the mortgage balance.

The fifth benefit is that there is a lot of income growth potential. If you want to have a positive cash flow, you can reduce the expenses of maintaining the house. Examples of reducing the expenses of maintaining the house including install appliances that save money, heating units, high quality flooring, increase the size of the property, and etc.

The sixth benefit is that Pattaya has a booming tourism industry. It receives more than 2.5 million tourists every year. The political confusion will produce an impact on Thailand for short term.

The seventh benefit is that Thailand has a lot of infrastructure. You will find all kinds of amenities in the real estate neighborhood including airports, schools, and shopping centers. The local government has provided subsidy to build more infrastructure so that foreigners can enjoy their stay in the country. Many luxurious accommodations and condominiums can be found in Pattaya.

The eighth benefit is that it will provide solid yields. Local and foreign investors can make investment in freehold condominiums. Investors will be able to leverage your investment because of the affordable payment structure.

The ninth benefit is that it will produce tax advantages. Most of the expenses are not subjected to tax. Some of the expenses that won’t be subjected to tax include insurance, mortgage fee, legal fee and advertising fee.

The tenth benefit is that property investment is more stable compare to the stocks. Stocks can decrease suddenly and you can become bankrupt overnight. Property value won’t decrease suddenly like stock value.

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