Make This Year’s Holiday Special With A Luxury Italian Villa

Start to plan your 2012 holiday? Make this year’s holiday a trip to remember and book you and your family into a 5 star luxury villa overlooking the beautiful Italian coastline. Many people are under the impression that Italy is far too expensive destination for a holiday. However, nowadays there are specialist holidaymakers who want to find you the best accommodation for the best price, in this magnificent European company that you must visit.

Picture it, you and your family in a gorgeous, traditional Italian property just off the beach, the sun is shining and you’re relaxing with not a care in the world. It’s easy to book a cheap deal and put up with staying in a lower star hotel or villa, but time away from the pressures of everyday life is precious and if you’re going to treat yourself to a holiday, why not do it in style? You won’t have a worry or a care in the world will your chef, daily maid and chauffer around, happily helping to make your stay enjoyable

Italy has some of the most breathtakingly, beautiful cites and resorts in the world. A pure example is the gorgeous Town of Lucca in Tuscany. Full of history this idyllic town is protected by a thick 16th century wall and has beautiful medieval and renaissance architecture, with regular antique markets and festivals Not forgetting the gorgeous villas and gardens up in the Italian hills which is what attracts most of its visitors. Stroll through this beautiful Tuscan town and sit and relax in one of the many cafes or bars. Less than 30 minutes away you will also find a number of quiet beaches where you can relax and enjoy the Italian sunshine. If you decide to choose Lucca as your holiday destination, you and your family can opt to stay in a gorgeous 5 star property complete your own courtyard, car, maid and chef.

Alternatively, for a holiday on Italy’s coastline and for a true Italian experience, go for the breathtaking town of Acireale in Catania, Sicily. Acireale has some of Italy’s finest churches and architecture to visit The most popular time to visit this Sicily town is during carnival season, which sees amazing costumes and spectacular floats parading through the town. With several huge, stunning villas just off the beach, Acireale is the perfect place for a celebration with family or friends. Spend your holiday feeling like royalty with the marble and gold interiors and curved staircase that leads down to a large swimming pool overlooking the sea

Last but not least is a real gem, the stunning Island of Capri just outside of Naples. This gorgeous Island is pure paradise full of natural, arty wonders and breathtaking scenery overlooking the flowery mountains and clear blue sea Take in some of the incredible views on a boat excursion where you can enjoy the famous blue grotto, a cave full of bright blue waters and shimmery silver lights, a real once in a lifetime experience. Capri also has quaint marina, stunning churches, and historic roman ruins to visit Capri has some of the finest villas and properties just off the beach.Start planning your holiday in Capri and enjoy a luxury beach front villa complete with private sea access, huge gardens and boat pier for up to 9 people. Staying in one of Capri’s amazing properties will mean you won’t even have to leave the house if you don’t want to, as most come fully staffed.

Only a hand full of Italy’s wonderful areas have been mentioned in this article There are loads of other amazing coastlines and cities to choose from, all offering stunning scenery and luxury 5 star accommodation.
Begin planning your luxury Italian holiday today. Make holiday 2012 one to remember. Love luxury, love Italy.

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