Create a Window 7 Password Reset Disc with 2 Ways

Problem: I forgot my password for windows 7. Can I use password reset disc windows 7 from other PC?
Solution: It depends how to create the password reset disk. There are two ways to Windows 7 password reset disc.

Method 1: Use Windows 7 built-in feature
Windows 7 incorporates feature that allows you to create a password reset disk to in case that you forget your Windows 7 password in future.
1. Log on to your Windows 7 computer.
2. Go to Start button, click Control Panel, click Family Safety and User Accounts, click User Accounts.
3. Click Create a password reset disk on the left pane.
4. Click Next on the coming wizard and follow its instructions to do the left job.

Important: This method is available is only available before your password is forgotten. Once it is created, this Windows password reset disk can be only used to reset password of your own computer.

Method 2: Use Windows 7 password reset app
When it comes to reset Windows 7 password, a variety of Windows password reset tools exist on market. By using these tools, you are able to create a bootable password reset disk to bypass your forgotten Windows password in an easy and safe manner.

Windows Password Breaker is a good example. It can help you reset any forgotten Windows password, including local administrator, domain administrator and other user passwords in minutes by burning a bootable password reset disk with a USB drive or CD/DVD in seconds.

To get started, you just need to download and install Windows Password Breaker in any computer. Next you can insert a CD/DVD or USB drive and burn a bootable password reset disk in seconds. It’s very convenient. This burned password reset disk can be used to reset password for all popular Windows platforms, like Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000.

If you would like to use this bootable password reset disk, just insert it in the computer you want to reset password of, and then set BIOS of this computer from the disk. Once the computer boots from the disk successfully, you are able to reset the forgotten password in minutes under DOS command prompt.

Password Reset Solutions After You Forgot Windows 7 Password

So you have forgotten your Windows 7 password, and you just cannot remember it? Feel panic? Feel impressed? Well, it is not a big problem actually. Today forgetting the login password to Windows 7 laptop is a common problem for many PC users today. There have been many proved Windows 7 password reset solutions to dealing with this or similar problem on website. Just take easy if you forgot Windows 7 password.

Here is some encouragement: Realize it has happened, keep a peaceful mind and then try to remember or search all the possible actions you can do to recover or reset lost Windows 7 password immediately. Here are a few suggestions that you can use when you are locked of computer.
1. If you once set a password hint, please try to recall the lost password with the help of this password hint.
2. If a password reset disk is available, just click the Password Reset link which appears after entering a wrong password, and then follow the forgotten wizard to reset the forgotten Windows 7 password.

Using a Windows 7 password reset disk to reset the lost Windows password is the most easy and safe way for those people who forgot Windows password. Moreover, the password reset disk can help to reset any lost password, like Windows admin password, standard user password and other user accounts password.?But the only con of this option is that you must create the password reset disk when your computer is accessible.

3. If you have a system repair disc or Windows 7 installation disc, you can access its recovery options to get back in the password protected Windows 7 laptop.

Well, if you neither have a password reset hint/ disk nor a system repair disc, what measures you can still take? Well, at that moment, you can consider using Windows Password Breaker. The big advantage of this option is that you can reset Windows password easily in 5 minutes through it, without doing anything to in case of a lost password, like creating a reset disk. And it can help you reset Windows password whether you can log your PC or not.
1. Download and Install Windows Password Breaker in any available computer.
2. Burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive with the application
3. Set CD/DVD or USB as the first boot device in BIOS for your PC.
4. Reset Windows password with the burned CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

Personally speaking, Windows password reset tool is most effective way to get back in a password protected computer. As a matter of fact, majority lost Windows password users rely on this tool to solve their problem. You can have a try if you forgot Windows password.