Create a Window 7 Password Reset Disc with 2 Ways

Problem: I forgot my password for windows 7. Can I use password reset disc windows 7 from other PC?
Solution: It depends how to create the password reset disk. There are two ways to Windows 7 password reset disc.

Method 1: Use Windows 7 built-in feature
Windows 7 incorporates feature that allows you to create a password reset disk to in case that you forget your Windows 7 password in future.
1. Log on to your Windows 7 computer.
2. Go to Start button, click Control Panel, click Family Safety and User Accounts, click User Accounts.
3. Click Create a password reset disk on the left pane.
4. Click Next on the coming wizard and follow its instructions to do the left job.

Important: This method is available is only available before your password is forgotten. Once it is created, this Windows password reset disk can be only used to reset password of your own computer.

Method 2: Use Windows 7 password reset app
When it comes to reset Windows 7 password, a variety of Windows password reset tools exist on market. By using these tools, you are able to create a bootable password reset disk to bypass your forgotten Windows password in an easy and safe manner.

Windows Password Breaker is a good example. It can help you reset any forgotten Windows password, including local administrator, domain administrator and other user passwords in minutes by burning a bootable password reset disk with a USB drive or CD/DVD in seconds.

To get started, you just need to download and install Windows Password Breaker in any computer. Next you can insert a CD/DVD or USB drive and burn a bootable password reset disk in seconds. It’s very convenient. This burned password reset disk can be used to reset password for all popular Windows platforms, like Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000.

If you would like to use this bootable password reset disk, just insert it in the computer you want to reset password of, and then set BIOS of this computer from the disk. Once the computer boots from the disk successfully, you are able to reset the forgotten password in minutes under DOS command prompt.

Use Fingerprint Logon to Reset Forgotten Windows 7 Password

Whenever you create a Windows 7 password, it is highly suggested that you should set a password hint or create a password reset disk, which are done to in case of a forgotten Windows password. However, not all users know and remember to take these preventive measures. Even so, there are some methods you can try to get back in your computer if you forgot Windows 7 password without a password hint or password reset disk.

Method 1: Use Fingerprint logon
It’s well known that today’s password is not limited to the text password consisting of letters, numbers and symbols any longer. It can be also your fingerprint. If you are lucky enough to have a laptop or computer with a biometric sensor, such as a fingerprint reader, you are incredibly easy to set it up and enable as the default logon mechanism on Windows 7. With such a fingerprint password, you’ll never be worried if you forgot the text password.

Method 2: Use Ophcrack
Many free Windows password recovery tools are supposed to help you get back in computer if you forgot Windows password, such as Ophcrack, which is a completely self-contained and bootable version. Ophcrack LiveCD is the easiest and most effective Windows password recovery freeware that I’ve ever found to “crack” your forgotten Windows password successfully.

Since you can’t login your Windows PC because you forgot the password, so first you’ll need to visit Ophcrack’s website to download ophcrack LiveCD. Please make sure that whether you’ve forgotten Windows 7 password or Vista password, click on Ophcrack Vista LiveCD. If you’ve forgotten XP password, click on Ophcrack XP LiveCD.

Method 3: Use Windows Password Breaker
Windows Password Breaker is an easy-to-use yet powerful Windows password reset program could reset Windows 7 password instantly by creating a password reset CD/DVD or USB drive, including reset administrator and other user passwords. Just in 5 minutes, you can get access to your computer again without any data losing or file damaging.

This is the most versatile and efficient password reset method, which can help you fix various forgotten Windows password problems. With this application, you can simply perform Windows 7 password reset by following steps:
1. Download and install Windows Password Breaker in any accessible computer.
2. Burn a password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
3. Insert the burned password reset CD/DVD or USB flash drive in the password-protected Window 7 computer.
4. Turn on the computer, press F2, Delete, F10 or other keys to enter BIOS Setup while rebooting. And then make necessary changes in BIOS to configure the computer to boot from CD ROM or USB.
5. When the computer successfully boots from CD ROM, you’ll be able to reset Windows 7 password by following the instructions.

Of course, reinstalling Windows is also another choice for you as long as there is nothing important information on your Windows 7 computer, though it is often regarded as the last choice for forgotten Windows password users.