Juicy couture iPhone 4 case – what does it protect an iPhone 4 from knowing this marketing

The enormous popularity of the iPhone 4 made lots of other iPhone 4 accessories extremely popular too. One of those is the juicy couture iPhone 4 case, which appeared on the market as soon as the iPhone 4 was released. Though there are many other ways for protecting the iPhone 4 from scratches and general damage, it was exactly the juicy couture iPhone 4 case that became more popular than any other.
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Intellectual Property – Protect your work knowing this law

In the UK, the first owner of a copyright work is the author, unless the work is created by an employee in the course of their employment. In that case, the copyright will belong to the employer unless the parties have agreed otherwise (eg between universities and academics, who may be permitted to own copyright in scholarly articles and books that they author, even if the university owns the copyright in course materials).
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The Porsche Legacy Protect Your Investment With a Car Cover knowing this automatives

Porsche is a name which evokes sleek and stylish car design, a hefty price tag and a great deal of attention gathering when it hits the road. Porsches reputation is firmly established on both the race car circuit and in the opinions of owners Porsche vehicles are known to remain…
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