Requirement Management for Agile Development made Simple knowing this technology

Requirements management is critical for managing existing consumer expectations. It is necessary to have a process that takes requirements from various sources, determines if they should be added to the backlog, and disposes of them properly.
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How ID Lanyards Have Made Security a Modern Marketing Tool knowing this business

ID cards are closely linked with security, but the ID lanyards worn by authorised personnel can defuse the stereotypical image of hard nosed security regulations. Instead, security has become a marketing opportunity. This article looks at how modern ID lanyards are being used to turn security into an effective marketing tool.
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Income From Home Business Online Made Easy knowing this business

There is no such program ever conceived and devised that promises profit growth of millions over night. There may not be any such seeds that jack can grow a big plant and climb to the giants house to steal hen that lays golden eggs. But yes there is one program…
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T-Shirt Printing Made Easy knowing this shopping

Printed t-shirts are seen everywhere these days, and yet a lot of people think it takes a lot of effort and hassle to get them customised. This can sometimes put people off, but in reality t-shirt printing can be a lot easier than you think.
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