Usual Reasons for Bed Wetting Among Adults

For teenagers and adult, wetting the bed is a remarkable and alarming indication. While there is an array of likely causes for this, if you are contending with it you are keen to finding a resolution as quickly as you can. There is an array of strategies for remedying this dilemma, but only after figuring out why it’s occurring. The following reviews of the reasons for bed wetting might assist you in better understanding this ailment.

Sometimes bedwetting is genetic. The exact cause is not yet known but genetics is usually to blame when bedwetting is discovered at ages when it wouldn’t be expected to happen anymore. If one parent has had this issue chances are high that you will too and if both parents have had the problem the odds of you having it too are extremely high. You’ll be happy to hear that you don’t have to suffer with it because there are many treatments available. Bed wetting sometimes be brought on by hormone issues especially those with the anitdiuretic hormone, ADH. This is the hormone that is responsible for urine production by your kidneys, especially while you are asleep. An imbalance in ADH can happen for a variety of reasons, all of which cause more urine than usual to be made. This can make you need to go to the bathroom during the day as well as night when you might end up wetting the bed. This hormone imbalance can be brought on by lots of things, including diabetes, so it is vital that your doctor run the enough medical tests to help you figure out why it is happening to you. When ADH has been diagnosed as the reason for your bed wetting, there are lots of ways to treat it.

There is a possibility that your other neurological conditions such as head injury, or disease typically diagnosed by a doctor is what’s causing your bedwetting. It is possible that your nervous system has been damaged which is what is causing your bedwetting. There are various conditions and diseases that can affect the nervous system, and these usually have other symptoms as well. No two neurological patients will suffer the identical symptoms. Usually, just getting the neurological issue under control can help stop the bedwetting. People who have a problem with bed wetting usually have some other physical or emotional problem that is causing this. Treating the underlying cause can often resolve the bedwetting too. The causes of bed wetting that are mentioned above can help to explain this problem, although every situation is a little different and you should be sure why you have a bed wetting problem before you attempt to cure it.

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