Tips on Averting Bullying Towards Your Child

There’s been a lot of attention in the media regarding bullying lately, and how it can have serious and even tragic consequences. Obviously, we cannot watch our kids every minute of the day, though we also want them to be safe and protected. You should learn how to talk to your kids, look for signs of bullying, and help them as much as you can along the way.

If your kids have a couple of friends, get to know who they are and network with other parents at the school. Parents should work together in case there is a bully that is targeting more than one child. School administrators, for the most part, will take a problem like this more seriously if more than one parent comes to them about such a situation.

If your children are having problems with bullies during school or at recess, you should explain to your children that they should stick together. Kids that stay in groups, even in pairs, will be safer on the playground and may actually report incidents that happen. You should also work with other parents to be more effective against bullies at the school that your children attend. Specific areas are where bullying tends to happen, typically when an adult is absent. You can help your child to create a strategy to stop them being bullied if it’s happening in somewhere like the locker room or in the schoolyard at lunch time. During this time you could encourage your child to hang around in a group or with their friends. Having somebody, like a reliable adult from the school, to watch over your child when they are at their most vulnerable is a good thing to have. Due to there being less opportunities available to the bully for striking, the instances of bullying will be cut, even though it doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire threat is removed.

Victims of bullying are often children who lack confidence and may be socially isolated. One way to take your child out of this category is by getting him or her involved in more activities, either during or after school. Involving your kids with drama or a glee club will help them become more socially active. Your children will definitely have less of a chance to be bullied because so many adults usually manage these activities. Even more importantly, it helps them develop confidence by learning new skills and being in a social setting. Try to find activities that your child has some interest in or talent for.

For the most part, because children will not report bullying incidents, be on the lookout for signs that it is occurring. Cell phone activity, and Internet surfing, are things you should pay close attention to if you are concerned about whether or not your child is experiencing bullying. Help your child in every way that you can deal with the problem they may be experiencing, especially if they are being bullied.

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