Tips for Cutting Down on Excessive Sweating and Body Odor

Body odor and sweating are not major issues for most people. These problems are easily resolved by taking a shower and using deodorant. Some people, unfortunately, are forced to deal with excessive sweating and body odor. This problem is nothing like the typical sweating everyone does when it’s very hot or they’ve been active. Sweat and body odor of this kind are a serious problem that can ruin someone’s life. In some cases, people with this problem avoid appearing in public out of fear that others will judge them. There are, thankfully, some effective remedies for anyone suffering from this problem.

Avoid wearing clothing made from synthetic fabrics. Wearing polyester, in particular, will add to your issues with body oder and excessive sweating. Because these fabrics tend to cling to your skin, meaning it can’t breath. Your body is forced to sweat more in order to cool off when your clothes keep air from reaching your skin. These circumstances increase your body odor to embarrassing levels. Synthetic fabrics are also harder to keep clean. When clothes shopping, pick items that are made from natural materials and fit you loosely. Do yourself a favor and leave the synthetics on the shelf.

In some cases excessive sweating and body odor can only be controlled through medication. The most common medications prescribed for treatment are anti-anxiety and antidepression medications. That is because these medications help keep you calm and even-tempered. Staying calm helps because when you get nervous or anxious the body’s natural response is to start sweating. By remaining calm when under stress, you will sweat less. When you sweat less, you will find it easier to deal with any body odor.

In very extreme cases, some people find that Botox injections are necessary to control their body odor and sweating. Don’t use this for every day sweat or for sweating that happens after exercising. Understand that this treatment is a last resort for controlling intense sweating. The injections are used to block the nerves from triggering the sweat glands. Only a small dose is needed to shut down your sweat glands. Do not attempt this method without first talking to your doctor and an endocrinologist. Botox should never be used without a doctor’s consent because it is a poison.

Excessive sweating affects many people. Because of excessive sweating, increased body odor levels become very worrisome. Many also worry about ruining their clothes with major sweat stains. They worry about how much money is spent on deodorant and antiperspirant. With all these concerns filling your mind, it’s no wonder if you forget that this problem is fixable. Consult a health care professional if traditional methods haven’t worked as they may know a method that could help you.

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