Getting Long Term Results from Your Link Exchange

SEO and all that it entails will be the cornerstone on which your business will stake everything – should you choose to do it and nothing else. Of course we all know how important backlinks are with SEO, but there are different kinds of links and some are more powerful. A link exchange is simply partnering with another site owner as a means to get more very good quality backlinks. We will highlight some important steps to do this.

If you recently launched your website or blog and it hasn’t gained that much traction yet, then it doesn’t make sense to go out there and ask for a link exchange with sites that are reputed/established. But, if you are acquainted with the site owner of any blog or site, then by all means give it a shot. Search for any possible candidate (site) that shares the same general qualities as your site. If you continue working on your site, then as it matures you will have a better chance with approaching the higher PR sites. High PR sites are probably bombarded with link requests, plus they have no real reason to share their links with a PR0 site.

Emailing someone for a link exchange is something that needs to be done tactfully. If the reason you’re emailing another webmaster/blog is to request for a link exchange, then be direct and to the point. The best course of action here is being friendly, polite and direct. You obviously should add a little personality to the email and make it look professional, but avoid making it too long. Do not be intimidated if you want to email the owner of a large site, but do keep in mind they get a lot of emails every day – make yours short. Take your time and be sure to proof read and revise if necessary. Avoid getting too loose even with a much smaller website, or blog, because you just never know how the other person may react.

Do a sanity check before hitting, send, and make sure include important items such as your URL. Things like this do occur, and it will only create a less than optimal impression. If you are not the best writer, then have someone who is good at writing to do it for you. You do have to sell yourself a little bit because you need to convey the benefits the other person will receive.

These are just guidelines for link exchanging, but some of them are more like highly recommended rules you should follow. Action is the most important ingredient here, so take positive action with your backlinking efforts every day.

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