Address Change

For whatever reason you find yourself moving, you’ll need to put in a change of address for all your correspondence. Even for the average person, this task can be quite daunting if it’s not approached in an organized methodical manner. All bank accounts, credit cards, loans, magazine subscriptions, clubs and memberships, cell phone accounts, utilities at the new and old address, insurance companies, vehicle registrations, investment brokers, and anyone else you want to keep getting correspondence from need to receive an address change from you. The new information can be forwarded in plenty of time for your move, so that when you arrive at your new home or business your mail will be there. Not all items are forwarded, such as junk mail, and if you want to keep getting periodicals regularly, put your address change in as soon as you can. Sometimes not everything gets forwarded for whatever reason, and if good mail gets in with catalogs and other bulk mailings, you may never see it.

The best place to start is to fill out a change of address form by mail, in person, or online with the United States Postal Service. Visit the USPS at, to access the official change of address form and have your mail forwarded to your new address. If you choose to do your address change online, you’ll need a valid credit card and a valid email address for identity verification. The credit card billing address must match either your old or new address, or an immediate email confirmation of your address change will be sent. The cost is just $1, it’s safe and secure, and you’ll also receive mover savings and valuable coupons valued at over $300. If you are unable to use a credit or debit card and/or you don’t have a valid email address, simply print the change of address form and mail or deliver to your local post office. At stamps are also available, and you can get shipping rates, track packages, look up zip codes, and print postage, in addition to finding all the mailing products and services you need.

Completing a change of address with the United States Postal Service isn’t your only option, but it is the most common. Change of address forms can be found online at and too. If you need to submit multiple address changes with several government entities, then visit, to notify the USPS, moving services, motor vehicle registration and drivers’ licensing offices, internal revenue service, social security and veterans’ administration, voter registration election offices, and other government contact information. This service is available to citizens, businesses, and non-profit organizations and it features a state-by-state directory to easily locate specific instructions. Once you have your address change in place, you’re ready to move!

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