Women health alert: 5 way of life easy to cancer

Cancer prevention and fighting against cancer has become one of the men and women to topic, cancer is not terrible, see you how to prevent. Strictly speaking cancer is a “lifestyle” disease, most the cause of cancer patients because of poor diet, life style error, had the lessons drawn from others’ mistakes, we cancer are more security.

Women health alert: 5 way of life easy to cancer

Stay up late working-breast and prostate cancers What is TA-65

The latest scientific research found that all night to work in the female and the male, breast and prostate cancer rates higher than the daily work the crowd. Women for three years on the night shift regularly, than to work normal breast cancer in women 40% higher than the probability of; If continuous 3 years on the night shift regularly, and 60% higher than the probability of ill will.

Smoking reduced pressure-lung cancer

In addition to smoking is lung cancer death rates in recent years and continues to rise the important reasons for the outside, the bureau said, air pollution is also cause lung cancer higher risk of an important factor. What is known in the atmosphere is the main cause cancer composition benzopyrene and so on, in the pollution of the city, residents in every day benzopyrene the quantity can more than 20 cigarettes the content of cigarettes.

More sexual partners-cerical cancer

Data show that have multiple partners, women with the risk of cerical cancer than only a partners 2-3 times the high above. Cervical cancer are of sexually transmitted diseases caused by infection, women themselves or their husband’s partner, more sexually transmitted disease infected by the greater the risk, the higher the rate of cervical cancer.

Laugh and grow fat–colon, prostate cancer

XinKuan is a good thing, body fat actually need to alert. Some cancer associated with obesity, such as colon cancer, endometrial cancer and prostate cancer and breast cancer. Therefore, to pay attention to diet structure, strengthening the movement to control weight, reduce body fat accumulation.

Greedy meat–breast cancer

A British study shows, excessive consumption processed meat food, may increase the risk of breast cancer. So, women in order to stay away from breast cancer, cannot capricious ground do “predators,” especially should reduce consumption of meat products serve.

However, the female is not wise completely refused to meat. Every day in meat consumption control Suggestions below 100 grams, and had better be cooking, like stew the lower temperature such as processing methods.

Cancer prevention and fighting against cancer has become one of the men and women to topic, cancer is not terrible, see you how to prevent.

Forbes: apple need to reduce price in order to compete with iPhone Chinese rival

Forbes magazine published online Thursday analysis, the paper said although apple in the aggressive use of weapons such as HTC lawsuit against samsung competitors to protect the interests of the United States, but it limits the Europe and Australia the development of the market. For potential market in China, they may need to cut price competition and iPhone.

Apple has been actively Sue samsung, such as HTC competitors to protect them in the United States and other of the profits of the market, but so far, apple limit themselves in Europe, Australia and other developed nations.

But facing huge potential and in the crystal iphone 4 cases growing smartphone market in China, apple now focus on promoting the market penetration. Apple may be facing a threat, that is including the association, zte, TCL, cool and konka, China mobile phone brand form an alliance back to foreign threats, strengthen their patent portfolio.

The next smartphone center–China

According to the market research firm Strategy Analytics figures published in the third quarter of last year, according to the calculation, China has already surpassed the United States as the world’s largest smartphone market, this is mainly thanks to China’s huge population.

But China’s 2010 smartphone permeability only about 15%, with the development of China’s national strength, the purchasing power of the ordinary Chinese in ascension, the Chinese market smartphone demand will increase. Even apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) also admitted that China market has great potential and he in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2011 earnings apple conference that China is now apple business fastest growth area, apple is trying to do the best in the promotion of a brand.

IPhone through China unicom has listed on China, China mobile and China telecom and operation iPhone plan.

However, China’s telecom industry seems to be more inclined to operation cheap smartphone, but not from apple, samsung and nokia smartphone of high prices. According to the latest report, China wireless operators had started actively promote price in RMB 1000 smartphone, smartphone these by huawei, zte, lenovo, cool, TCL and mulberry of Chinese brand to offer.

Since most of the Chinese users are still unable to buy the smartphone high price, the strategy for China mobile phone manufacturers will bring huge profits.

IPhone price cut

Interesting is, apple will be in China by the iPhone price? Apple may eventually will China market price of the iPhone down, but it needs to rely on their long-term strategy, that is dependent on patent infringement litigation temporarily stop the development of competition.

Apple has in many countries to samsung launched a lawsuit and special selection in Germany, France, Italy and other European countries to put forward to samsung litigation, these areas happened to be apple share is Android manufacturers erosion of the market. On the other hand, the iPhone in the UK do well, apple is very few in the country at present to rival filed the lawsuit.

So far, apple has not yet filed suit to Chinese manufacturers, but Microsoft, nokia has filed suit. Microsoft has requirements such as huawei, company pay licensing fees, nokia is put forward to some of the mobile phone manufacturers patent litigation.

Because China is recognized as the most potential growth of the market, so apple soon will join is expected to patent litigation. But Chinese manufacturers now has already formed the alliance, this will be for apple for any manufacturer puts forward patent infringement litigation caused more difficult.

If apple can’t through the patent litigation hinder the development of the Chinese manufacturers, so they will probably earlier price down iPhone.

Apple has been actively Sue samsung, such as HTC competitors to protect them in the United States and other of the profits of the market, but so far, apple limit themselves in Europe, Australia and other developed nations.swarovski iphone cases

16 activities make you with cartoon addiction

The SNOW AND ICE otakon with “the rich student life, inspire the SNOW AND ICE winter vacation animation originality” as the localization, around the most focus the attention of the young people nowadays, built by “China top 10 cartoon image”, “pleasant goat AND ash too Wolf” as the theme of the beautiful round of beautiful huan of large anime ICE AND SNOW landscape, organized the “SNOW AND ICE fireworks opening ceremony”, “a student SNOW AND ICE anime winter camp”, “China SNOW AND ICE anime BBS”, “DANCING AND ICE-SNOW” (street dance contest), the “national cosplay challenge”, “anime derivative products sales” rich events AND activities.

At the appointed time, comes from deep, spike, Hong Kong’s cosplay wigs excellent cartoon enterprise will actively participate in the activities, kept the organic integration of animation industry chain, to promote the rapid development of heilongjiang cartoon industry make a good platform. Believe that after one or two years of development, China’s ice and snow otakon will become the standard of international cartoon event with ice, show the characteristics and a beautiful beautiful urban business card.

Fantastic activities early know

1, snow and ice fireworks at the opening ceremony

8, 5 p.m., the second China on snow and ice anime episodic will be held in Harbin ice and snow world. Form variety of cartoon image will build a snow ice sculpture, the snow and ice time excessive animation world, colorful fireworks will brings a visual feast.

2, and millions of students animation winter snow and ice

Harbin millions in the school students will participate in teenagers and visit China snow and ice otakon of all kinds of anime events, ice activities and animation manufacture technology, etc.

3, China snow and ice anime BBS

Invite anime enterprise delegates, cartoon industry experts copolymerization city, in the pearl river delta, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and creative industry and northeast China cartoon animation original compositions and products processing industry, find win-win cooperation ground, promote cultural tolerance and penetration of the north and south, to promote the prosperity of animation industry longjiang, big development.

4, large anime icescape display

In “the ten cartoon image”, “pleasant goat and ash too Wolf” as the theme of the 300000 square meters of beautiful ornate large anime ice and snow landscape show, make the national only two months of ice and snow anime exhibition area.

5, “DANCING AND ICE-SNOW” (street dance contest)

Invited Michael Jackson dancing teacher EB one of the team members to the famous street dance master POPPIN PETE, Lady Boogaloo members YODA, most Chinese qualifications POPPIN dancers EB-Family Family members as the EVO contest. Plan participants can reach 1000 more than person.

6, the world summit WCS COSPLAY

Global COSPLAY lovers of participation in the international competition in the world summit WCS COSPLAY Harbin qualifier in ice and snow will be held during otakon, this is the first time in Harbin COSPLAY double game mode. Now has more than 600 participants from all over the country, sign up with the city of Harbin ice and snow brought the charm of the most fashionable ACG new agitation.

7, ice and snow is a beautiful girl audition

The launch of the first planning a beautiful girl trials ice and snow, ice and snow is the one of the biggest highlights otakon. More than 300 athletes from all over the country, with its individual character and vigor 4 show attracts many media and the audience’s attention, enhance otakon influence and site popularity, the winner can not only obtain ten thousand yuan bonus, rich gifts, and will be the snow and ice otakon image spokesperson.

8, ice and snow original painting competition

Through the millions of students snow and ice anime winter camp activities, to Harbin and around area in one million, primary school students participating invited out to ice and snow as theme, combined with cartoon elements, drawing a creation.

9, three city of 3 vs3 kill tournament

This contest is open to all over the country, contestants has amounted to more than 1000, including the war, the team of hunkering team of the country such as famous team. Mainland China is the first company based in at the design and promotion of the professional company swim at the card of the official judge will visit the guidance, evaluation.

10, cartoon figures of stage performance

Invite Harbin children’s theatre cause the most favorite cartoon by young people RenOuJu the pinot ball farm sawyer “, for the young and parents on a winter holiday gift.

11, 3 D film screening

The most domestic 3 D video production strength of the Shanghai hippo animation company will be in snow and ice world ice shows build luxury 3 D cinema, show the super frog warrior “, “adventures in peace” and so on the latest 3 D animation film and TV plays original, and to all our viewers the most shocking visual feast.

12, comic famous sign will sell

China’s new light on behalf of the future, at the novel writer idle clear, the famous paintings such as famous cartoon slag hand he will appear on China otakon snow and ice, and the audience interaction sign to sell, for a photo and so on.

13, snow wall graffiti

The three northeastern provinces in the snow and ice world graffiti ace of meters on snow wall graffiti, three-dimensional painting of painting art show, and at the same time, into the park the wall in the visitors free graffiti, interactive entertainment.

14, international cartoon ice sculptures contest

Hold international cartoon ice sculptures series, invited to participate in snow and ice otakon in the domestic and international famous cartoon enterprise participating, and the expert and the audience for selection.

15, ice and snow cartoon car cruises

Combined with Harbin international ice and snow festival, will the carriage dressed up as a float to create a flow of ice and snow otakon. The public can not only close watch anime float, can also with cartoon figures the interaction, feel the anime brought joy.

16, original cartoon brand big set

BANDAI, tencent, ManYou, qiang, day smell Angle sichuan domestic and international famous cartoon enterprise, will bring rich variety of original derivatives, on rare occasions, oh.

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Health tip: often eat egg yolk can protect your eyes vision

The eye is “the Windows of the soul”, how to protect the eyes, protect eyesight is every young people very relationship topic. Whether in traditional Chinese medicine suggested vision development period, or degradation period should pay attention to the eyes “nutrition”, control ision loss, often eat egg yolk can effectively protect vision.

Health tip: often eat egg yolk can protect your eyes vision

We know that lutein and corn flavin eye protection What is TA-65 with a close relationship. Lutein and corn flavin role has strong antioxidant effect, have special eye protection function. So, what food contains them more?

Eggs are rich in protein, fat, yolk element, lecithin, vitamin and iron, calcium, potassium, lutein and corn flavin, the human body the needs minerals. Some people don’t like to eat egg yolks, especially obese people or is reduce weight, they worry that ate the egg yolk will get fat.

And an egg with higher cholesterol, it is considered may make hematic fat heighten, causing vascular sclerosis, so some people only eat egg white don’t eat yellow. But they don’t know the egg yolk contains rich nutrition, among them the composition of the egg yolk two of the nutrition is to specific mention of, that is, lutein and corn flavin.

The egg yolk is a deep yellow color, it is the source of the flavin lutein and corn. The egg yolk fat soluble yellow of material, have more than one third from the two components, and easily absorbed by human body. So, for normal eggs, egg yolks of the yellow color, the more good health to the eyes.

Although have coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood fat, high cholesterol levels diseases, not to eat eggs. But without a proper eat what is ok. Expert proposal, while eating eggs at the same time, and eat more fruits and vegetables, like this can avoid elevated cholesterol also protect the eyes.

The cataract to eat spinach

Recently, the university of Manchester in England a research proves, spinach is one of the best source of lutein, lutein and to prevent the aging eyes to “retinal macular degeneration” is quite effective. The Ohio state university, researchers from the United States also said, like spinach this dark green vegetables the numerous lutein, have very great help to prevent cataracts.

Shepherd ‘s-purse eat dry eyes

Shepherd ‘s-purse have clear heat stop bleeding, qinggan mingmu diuresis swelling effect. Shepherd ‘s-purse contains a lot of carotene, B vitamins and vitamin C, calcium, iron and higher levels. Office white-collar vulnerable to dry eyes, shepherd ‘s-purse is full of carotene, eat more shepherd ‘s-purse can prevent dry eye disease, also can reduce the symptoms of dry eyes discomfort.

Eye fatigue eat sweet potato

People at a certain age, the eye will easily fatigue, sometimes feel pain, zheng BuKaiYan, eyesight recession. Failure is visceral eyes, especially the liver, kidney the recession and the aging of the signal. Sweet potato with “fill in beneficial gas” effect, can improve the function of the digestive organs, nourishing liver kidney, to the body of the debilitating also have restored effect.

often eat egg yolk can protect your eyes vision TA-65

IPad era after digital publishing how to keep up with

Recently, the future of the digital publication in new form uncertainty: mobile reading continued growth, once scene infinite electronic reader into a price cut vortex, and as a representative of the iPad tablet computer sprung up, and the forced electronic reading further from paper books of the formation of the age old “interest”. The future of electronic reading will build on a scale infinite, action to unlimited “canvas”.

Flip is no longer provisions action

“May never have the concept of text…….” IPad sold swarovski iphone cases, when the United States is an engaging ebooks layout design software engineer Craig hogsmeade said. Maybe cell phones and electronic reader was largely retained the similar to paper prints “content flow”, he said, the age of the iPad book, “no longer need to 1 ? 1 to use paper books of physical style to design, it is a waste of the potential of the tablet computer.”

According to the idea of hogsmeade, a concise and practical may be: when you read a novel in the iPad, will through the touch screen, the transversal select chapters to directory, the vertical section of the access to the content. The two directions of the extensions are endless “.

“Endless” whether a large canvas expedites the “endless” works? At least one thing is certain: Yale university published professional course academic director Robert E ? byrne’s, say: “you of the book, the bigger the quantity is more suitable for electronic publishing content. DaTiLiang paper books from the price, and looking for transport to shelter itself, will become you buy it trouble, ebook, it is not a problem.”

Digital for books “value-added”

“No what design experience of reading ebooks than more exciting.” The vice President LiuJiang grand literature, told reporters. LiuJiang told reporters, grand literature operation platform the cloud in the product experience book city made a lot of exploration, for mobile phone, electronic reader, tablet computer reading terminal, “the cloud book city” trying to introduce more close to the needs of the user improvement plan. For example, how in tablet PC “canvas” on to achieve the best effect of graphic mix row, how to compatible support in the format of the file, and how to more fluid and appropriate to achieve the video, voice, multimedia and the text content interaction, in order to improve the user experience of reading.

“The most important thing is through the digital means for a book value.” LiuJiang said, a book of the paper and electronic version of the difference between big may to “is not a form, but is equivalent to another book”. Imagine, when you are reading a novel on the tablet computer, you can see the author interviews in an appendix video, experts interpretation, dynamic latest comments, etc.

“Defeat of paper books not electronic reader, not mobile phones, also not tablet computer, but human nature itself.” LiuJiang firmly believe, eager to more comfortable and convenient reading experience is all instinct. The emergence of the mobile Internet redefined the people use the Internet gold time, after wake up, before going to bed, on the subway, stuck in traffic on the way… A fragment of peak time to be read. This is a to redefine the reader and the content in the form of interaction opportunity, also a by readers to control the opportunity of content. People will see new narrative form in the electronic “canvas” on the emergence.

For “fragments reading” book content

In traditional publishers, iPad cast shock wave are not fully arrived, but some people feel that it has the wide application of the content will be put forward higher demand subdivision.

China encyclopedia press constant technical director says to the reporter, at present a lot of traditional press “digital” engineering only stay in the original paper publications “copy” to electronic reading platform. This “entry scanning” work is set up enough content resources, but is still a “passive response”, did not figure to put down for the reader service zero distance. “No, no more knowledge click is dead, don’t talk about more knowledge to find a good profit model”.

Constant said, the current digital publishing has not yet further study is what people in time, what place, what environment for what motivation and purpose, with what terminal what to read the content, but is still in the hype, enjoying the land in the traditional edit and print, hair model, an invariable little more production of “original canned”. These “canned” is not so much on overdue readers to “open” its hard shell.

“The same person, woke up reading and bedtime reading demand is different; the same through theme, 15 to 20 years old 20 to 25 years old and the excitement is not the same.” Constant said, for every “fragments reading” ordering the content of the unique, can “sticky” live reader, if can realize intelligent delivery, more wins the race.

“In fact, in the technical, we would have to locate your location, for you push surrounding environment of real-time encyclopedic knowledge, and provide related readings and practical information link.” Constant said, because the price of digital copyright reasons, China encyclopedia so far failed to authorize any a ebook publishers. The foreign industry in e-books, the fastest growing, “focusing big rich” more than just is the online electronic dictionary, encyclopedia of electronic books, and this kind of reference books in science, medicine and other professional books field has achieved 95% of the digital publishing.

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App for free today: super Mary luxuriant change super dikembe mutombo

Back to 10 years ago, when the computer, smart phones is not popular, the appearance of red and white game FC let us spare life has undergone earth-shaking changes. Russian square, blood and other famous football game also slowly became people spare time talking about content. In this one was born N classic cartoon image. Mario brothers is one of them. The long game levels, simple operation, lovely image created this paragraph of the success of the puzzle. Recently, in a called “Super Jump World” of the game, we seem to see the figure of Super Mary.

After entering the game, set interface is very simple. In cosplay wigs addition to choose whether to open the audio, we also can check list. Players click on the PLAY into the game, the system can choose whether to continue the game and, of course, can to start the game. The game is just beginning to stage, we have five lives, the basic and same play super Mary, can control the movement of the uncle super and jump.

In addition to guarantee the smooth customs clearance, the game we can pick up gold through got high marks. This is the list of the measure GameCenter players level of the only basis. In the course of the game, we can get through the rubble patch clover. The props can let uncle successful change to super dikembe mutombo. The bigger, of course, is to resist a little monster attack. In addition, the game will not be smooth sailing, we will meet the monster of scope and place oneself in danger of scene.

The game features:

1, success, imitate the super Mario classic place, and let the players shine at the moment.

2, the game screen is exquisite, whole feels very cartoon, playing up very easily.

3, game levels are complex and changeable, ensure enough games time.

4, game support GameCenter list, can go high and low scores and good friends.

Edit comment on:

Can say this is a complex moment of super Mario games of puzzle. Not only has the fine game screen, and at the same time in operation is also very simple, to play that. But overall feeling insufficient stereo feeling, the character in the show when turned a card shape style. And in the mobile and jumping will there be a short delay, hope the next version can fix the problem, and much more can increase some innovative elements is better.

Back to 10 years ago, when the computer, smart phones is not popular, the appearance of red and white game FC let us spare life has undergone earth-shaking changes. cheap anime cosplay

IPhone 4 alarm clock failure problems continue to appeal or lost

Once in 2011 New Year’s day the uproar caused iPhone4 alarm clock failure phenomenon in 2012 fell again, more mobile phone machine Lord said iPhone4 set the alarm clock the failure. At the same time, in several micro Po and cell phone on the BBS “noisy” into one, content is iPhone4 is in the mobile phone users complain about New Year’s day alarm clock failure. A large number of net friend to ask each other, and reviews in succession in 2011 occurred iPhone4 “alarm clock door” event, found similar phenomena.

The affected apple phone models including the iPhone4, 3 GS, and multiple operating system version problems. Last year the alarm clock failure, netizens have mobile phones with iPhone4 change year operation test alarm clock, and the results showed that the New Year’s day 2012 is still can appear the alarm clock failure phenomenon, and in 2016, 2017 and 2021, New Year’s day will also be alarm clock failure. Apple customer service said at the time, still can’t guarantee future is still appear such problem. Surprisingly such events but “assured”, which makes the pink regret that, at the same time, the pursuit of perfect iphone 4 cases swarovski apple team have no yan.

And apple released in October last year the latest product of iPhone 4 S, it has not been listed in the mainland has exposed a series of problems, battery life issues, voice phone problems, even iPhone 4 S “killer” Siri have a problem.

According to the apple iPhone 4 S frequent emergence of problems, a lot of people in the industry say, apple iPhone 4 S when the design defects, and test is not quite comprehensive, thus in the formal sales problems emerge after gradually, make its performance is not like in pursuit of perfect apple products. As Google andros system of forcing the continuously, also for apple in the operating system upgrade is all thumbs. With iOS development to speed up, and all kinds of problems too is gradually revealed, and may be apple the scourge of the future.

In this period have outside media bold predictions apple products will lose “cool” factor, the main reason basically has the following three points: first, apple always through repeated upgrade roll out new products may result in iOS devices tend to be boring. IPhone4S did not achieve professional expectations, and apple to adopt new technology speed also slowed sharply, because the company insisted that until the new mature technology before use. Second, Android does in “cool factor” well done, because so many new products launch Android 4 G LTE mobile network and built-in NFC (short-range communications) technology. At this point, apple obviously lagging behind. Three, Ice Cream Sandwich version (Ice Cream Sandwich) Android user interface is very exquisite, and become Android all is the beneficial supplement of the products.

Once in 2011 New Year’s day the uproar caused iPhone4 crystal iphone 4 cases alarm clock failure phenomenon in 2012 fell again, more mobile phone machine Lord said iPhone4 set the alarm clock the failure.

Tamiflu risk warnings cold medicine of traditional Chinese medicine market steady growth

Recently, Japan hint of nonprofit organization flu drug tamiflu can result in a patient suddenly appear serious difficulty breathing and other symptoms. At present domestic, only irrigation, group sales this product, estimated sales to produce certain effect. In recent years, cold medicine market gradually growth, proprietary Chinese medicines accounted for the proportion of cold medicine is the rising trend. The company has a business involves cold medicines huarun san-jiu, baiyun mountain, etc.

Recently, Japan nonprofit institutions “medical alert center” conducted a study says, fight flu drug tamiflu can result in a patient suddenly appear serious difficulty breathing wait for a symptom, and even cause death, its side effects than another flu drugs firm that m wei have been stronger.

Tamiflu (also named Mr Company he wei) is by Switzerland’s roche company developed resistance to the flu drugs, in recent years in the fight bird flu and influenza H1N1 influenza when widely used. Domestic, the only manufacturer for irrigation group. According to information, irrigation, group edition tamiflu, called “Olaf Philippines”, made by roche, and by the end of 2006 to begin formal sales. In, after the outbreak of swine flu, the sales of its peak and even supply shortages, but, bird flu after suspending, each place to purchase enthusiasm “tamiflu” also come down, the company is still has a lot of inventory didn’t digest.

This time, Japan and the United States department of drug safety warning is likely to domestic tamiflu sales produce certain effect, in this case gluttony state, Chinese traditional medicine resistance to cold medicine market is expected to grow. At present, China OTC cold medicine market capacity as high as 30 billion yuan, and have been rising trend. However, due to the different formulations, traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine race has become the focus of the market. In recent years, proprietary Chinese medicines accounted for the proportion of cold medicine a rising trend. Relative listed companies have san-jiu medicine (000999) of the injected cold, Neptune spirit biological (000078:6.20, 0.12, and 1.9 press) of the silver to Philip and colds element, ha medicine group (600664) A sense of the world to better and ShuangHuangLian injection, all pharmaceutical (002317) ShuangHuangLian oral liquid and ShuangHuangLian capsule, colleague hall (600085:13.69, 0.16, and 1.16 press) BanLanGen and children of A (liquid), baiyun mountain A (000522:0, 0, and press 0) BanLanGen dint and cold clear, detergent group (0513), and joy, and feeling carved Danny, etc.

Cold medicine industry status

In 2008, the cold medicine retail market total size is 9.2 billion yuan, which is the national retail drug that 10.7% of the total, accounting for 8.2% of revenues in pharmacy; In 2008, the cold medicine sales scale a 18% increase over 2007 or so, 2005 to 2008 national cold medicine retail scale average growth rate also reached about 17%.

From the cold medicines terms of the structure of categories,TA-65 proprietary Chinese medicines accounted for the proportion of cold medicine a rising trend, 2008 years of traditional Chinese medicine market share has been close to 6 into, was 3% higher than in 2007, more than 2005 years increased nearly 6%. The development of traditional Chinese medicine cold medicines in chemical medicine is the main reason of the part of the original strong chemical medicine because of adverse reactions problems have withdrawn from the market, the SARS period BanLanGen laid the basis of the development of traditional Chinese medicine, etc.

In addition, the 2008 Olympic Games to contain pseudoephedrine during the cold medicines limit sales regulations have also affected part of chemical medicine cold medicines sales. From different target groups positioning to see, adult the cold and the proportion of children’s cold medicine is about 9:1, 2008 children proportion of cold medicine than 2005 increased almost 3%, which appeared in 2008 and 2007 and the baby was born peak is directly related to the increase of the applicable people increase the children’s cold medicine market demand.

In 2008 the national cold medicine market scale biggest 10 varieties, proprietary Chinese medicines and chemical medicine each have five, a total of 53% of the nation have cold sales share.

Japan hint of nonprofit organization flu drug tamiflu can result What is TA-65 in a patient suddenly appear serious difficulty breathing and other symptoms. At present domestic, only irrigation, group sales this product, estimated sales to produce certain effect.

Wait for crack! Heart and with all kingdoms point series story brief review

In March 2002, the SQUARE-ENIX and Disney company launched the qiangqiang cooperation PS2 game “kingdoms point heart (Kingdom Hearts)” become the gaming world a new star. This collection of the two stars of the game, with fine production, won the praise of inside and outside the industry, the introduction of that is unstoppable trend sweep around the world. The game is not limited in the original movie plot framework, but with a new original play will Disney style each different world series to get up, not only Disney and final fantasy series of classical stars has a wonderful show, sola, kelly, the role of the new library these experience also to each player was impressed.

Because the present PSP host anime cosplay wigsthis appeared for the first time the new work “the birth of the heart kingdoms point dream” has not been cracked, believe that a lot of players in the PSP urgent waiting for game crack. So, in waiting for more than the crack, you might as well come first simple review the kingdoms point heart “series’s works.

The kingdoms point heart “series in the PSP host first launched work as the dream was born heart kingdoms point,” describes a gram jas, phenanthrene grace torres and tara three original world “departure place” adventure, this also is the story of the beginning of the place. Here, IRA, leading to the library master tara and gram jas to find missing jie Arnold master task. And the work force is not mature grace phillips also regardless of the master, master IRA library obstructions on the search for jie Arnold’s master of the trip.

Jie Arnold’s master as witnesses for tara the darkness of the heart to give the advice. And they will also tara his influence? Finally in the unknown before the start of travel, gram, as if a “unknown” feeling, then made a “reunion talisman” to tara and Philippines well, hope all can peace. In addition, we, from watts tower si’s words can speculate, phillips is because of his grace “lure” and decided to open the journey.

Wait for crack! Heart and with all kingdoms point series story brief review

1. The Philippines grace torsten story:

Royal party will begin to see, can Cinderella skeleton in the stepmother and the two sister still do the orders of the endless housework and had no time to prepare for dress. Philip salvation and jack in order to help her, launched a search for making dress material action. But then the little black cat luxi cunning Buddha figure, but in the before them… In the game, will have the authority to change body size and potions Settings, such grace Fidel and the little mouse jack to spread the risk.

2. The story of o g:

After the Philippines salvation and tara, gram jas also came to the fantasy castle, but the results did not think of mistaken for a Cinderella, and by the prince try on glass shoes…… requirements This period of this is the all-new full-length’s most famous scene, gram jas will experience. And in the game in the plot, gram leading to “escape” from the good and the Cinderella brush past, but pick up the prince in and he was mistaken for a dance dance woman.

3. Tara’s story:

Had been looking for the special master jerry Arnold tara, I think the key is to find his “pure heart of light”. Exploration to dream and Cinderella castle and met, tara felt Cinderella Cinderella man have this “pure heart of light” to the characteristics of the…

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Shenzhen only crown against apple sued gome sell iPad infringement

Since apple and shenzhen only crown for iPad China company for trademark rights after the verdict, triumph in the shenzhen only crown immediate action against the company. Yesterday, shenzhen only crown iPad tablet computer company sued distributors “gome” infringement trademark rights in futian the court case. Gome company iphone 4 cases swarovski said responding, shenzhen is the crown just won, the ruling is not effective, now this kind of practice is abuse judicial resources and is lawsuit abuse.

The case of the hearing yesterday, is only crown technology (shenzhen) Co., LTD. Of shenzhen lawsuit gome Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “gome”) infringe upon its IPAD trademark right, without the permission of the hotels in the marketing of the IPAD is the apple of trademark signs with flat computer products, and other significant position in the body are clearly marked “IPAD” trademarks.

Shenzhen only crown think, “iPad” trademark belongs to shenzhen only crown all, gome sales behavior has a trademark tort, the exclusive right of a registered trademark infringement. Request the court ordered gome immediately stop sales of the iPad tablet computer series goods to exclusive use of a registered trademark infringement behavior, immediately destroyed pin in addition to infringement identification and packaging, to immediately stop iPad series products advertising campaign, and bear reasonable expenses such as investigation and evidence collection and litigation expenses.

Yesterday on the court, gome said, gome sales iP AD tablet computer that this trademark without whether tort. At the same time, apple and only crown of trademark litigation between, although already verdict, but the decision is still not to take effect, this time only crown and shenzhen gome to dock, it is to belong to the abuse lawsuit, in the abuse of judicial resources and asked the court trial termination.

At present, the case is still in the investigation.

Events background

Apple is still not sure whether to appeal

In 2000, is the only under the champions league crown in countries and Taipei area were registered the “iPad” trademark; In 2001, but its only champions league crown international science and technology (shenzhen) company (hereinafter referred to as the “shenzhen only crown”) in the Chinese mainland and registered the “iPad” trademark for two categories. At that time, apple iPad tablet computer did not launch products.

Since 2010, the apple iPad tablet computer companies introduced individuation. In the apple iPad to enter the mainland of China, a mainland Chinese trademark iPad about the ownership of the war in shenzhen lit–apple and British IP “shenzhen only crown” to court, hope will “iPad” trademark for mainland China trademark rights to all its, and to “shenzhen only crown” claims of RMB 4 million yuan.

Earlier this month, the shenzhen intermediate people’s court that apple will get other people’s trademark business, it shall have the duty of care of higher shall, in accordance with the provisions of the law of our country, and the holder of the trademark assignment contract concluded trademark, and to go through necessary formalities of trademark assignment. And this case trademark assignment contract is another British IP company and only the crowns electronics Co., ltd., a company to sign, and only crown of shenzhen between “appearance agent” (” the ostensible agency “means the person have no the agency, but because of my behavior and have created enough to make a third person in good faith to believe that its have the appearance of the agency, and a third person in good faith, I undertake by the legal consequences of the act of agency) are not established. Therefore, “apple” party of action for lack of facts and legal basis and should be rejected.

At present, the verdict is still not to take effect, because apple is still no exact message to appeal.

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