how to fix windows 8 password change error?

I have the windows 8 developer preview and when i go to change my windows 8 password it comes up with a 0x80048823 error. Can someone please help

Thank you in advanced.
It would also be really good if someone could please provide a driver or software so that i can make my screen resolution ratio different to open more metro applications.

How do I downgrade from windows 8 to windows 7?

I have an acer aspire one 532h with NO dvd drive and I recently installed the windows 8 developer preview OVER my win7pro installation. HOW DO I DOWNGRADE WITHOUT LOSING MY DATA!!!!!!!!!!!!! This thing is no longer usable and it is my only PC. I cannot to stay on win8 and i cannot afford to lose my data either. PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!

How to switch to an older version of MSN on Windows 8?

I’ve recently formatted my computer and installed windows 8. When I open up the newer version of internet explorer, my homepage is also a newer version of msn.
I decided I didn’t like it, and I want to use the older version of the MSN homepage, but I want to keep the newer Internet Explorer.
Is it possible to downgrade the MSN homepage and still keep the new Internet Explorer?
My mistke. I meant Internet Explorer 8. My bad.

How to make boot disk with windows 8 iso file?

I have downloaded Windows 8 Developer Preview-32bit-English.iso file yesterday. In an attempt to burn onto dvd, i used “make bootable dvd” option in nero 7.It gave me a disk image (.nrg) file.I have copied it into dvd.While i open the dvd in ‘my computer’ it doesnt work.

Please tell me how to make boot disc with this file.

Windows 8 I have heard it will be out around late 2011 Beta ?

Windows 8 I have heard it will be out around late 2011 Beta not Official release well not that i know of. I dunno do you think they would do a discount or free upgrade as i brought Windows 7 Ultimate last week and I am not going to be happy 🙂 if there is not a discount or free upgrade. What do you think free,discount or pay full price?
Look and and look at most google results and it says same ?

does windows 8 require a touchscreen to enjoy its full features?

I read the windows 8 articles out right now and what i don’t understand are the features it has for the normal desktop. It seems to me that all the features that are new are only for the touchscreen. Do the features still work when you use the old or normal desktop? Like running a program or app through the icon alone?